How to Download Free Beats
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Free Download Beats Policy:
Beats downloaded for free on can NOT be used for any profitable, commercial or financially exploitative use. You must purchase a license in order to be able to use a beat for such use (For example, selling your song on iTunes, on a physical album/mixtape, uploading it on Youtube with revenue-sharing activated, using it in a movie, submitting your song for rotation in a commercial radio etc...)

Beats downloaded for free can only be used for non-profit or personal use (such as free demos, free internet songs, or ad-free YouTube uploads).

When you use a beat downloaded for free, you MUST give proper credits to, either in the title of your audio file, or in the description (for example on Youtube). Credits such as "Produced by", or "Instrumental by" are acceptable. When possible, please add a link to our homepage:

Free beats are there to make it easier for artists who wants to try an instrumental right away, or for people who want to make songs for their own personal use (i.e. non-profit use), so please make good use of it. If you are commercially using a free beat, or you're making money with a free beat, you are liable to copyright law suits and legal action can be taken against you.

Also note that free beats are only available in mp3 (highly compressed format), and contain vocal tags throughout the beat. When you purchase a licence, you receive the beat in high quality WAV file, WITHOUT the vocal tags.